New Zoom Plate Products Released Posted on 7 Feb 23:31

Vitrozm has released a new generation of Zoom Blot Plates and development kits with improved structure design of the assay strips. The new products have faster flow rates and are compatible with a large variety of membranes, including Nitrocellulose membranes with 0.45 um pore size, the most widely used membrane for protein and nucleic acid dot blot analysis.

Zoom Plate Patent Issued Posted on 17 Feb 23:19

Patent of Vitrozm's Zoom Blot technology is awarded by USPTO.

Zoom Plate Featured on Nature Methods Application Note Posted on 7 Aug 23:21

Zoom Plate was featured on July 2015 Nature Methods' Application Note web site.

AACC 2015 Posted on 4 Aug 20:58

Zoom Plate was introduced in American Association for Clinical Chemistry AACC 2015 in Atlanta, 7/27-7/30.

SLAS 2015 Posted on 9 Dec 17:22

Zoom Plate is showcased in SLAS 2015 Conference at Washington DC on 2/8-10.