Zoom Plate: Filtrasorption 96 Well Plate

vertical flow filtration-absorption 96 well plate

Zoom Plate is an innovative research lab tool for fast biomolecule analysis. Based on vertical flow principle, the patent pending Zoom Plate allows users to perform high sensitivity dot blot or bead-based assay in a familiar 96 well plate format without lengthy incubation and washing steps. Zoom Plate is a stand-alone device without additional set up with vacuum, centrifuge, or shaker. A user only need to pipette samples and reagents into the wells and get the assay done. Zoom Plate can be used with plate readers and imaging systems for fluorescent, luminescent and colorimetric signal analysis.   


Zoom Blot

for Dot Blot Assays

Bead Zoomer

for Bead-Based Assays

For membrane-based blotting assays, where targets are immobilized on a porous membrane and react step by step with additional reagents. [More] Functional microspheres are condensed on the porous membrane filter, unbound molecules are rinsed away by vertical flow. [More]



Harnessing the Power of Flow


vertical flow filtration-absorption 96 well plate structure

It’s not a secrete that under flow condition, wash is far more stringent and affinity binding is far more efficient.  While lateral flow devices thrive as the most popular choice for point-of-care diagnostics, new generation vertical flow devices are becoming a simple and powerful lab essential for research scientists. 



Simply Works!

Fast Assay

>99% Saving

Superior Sensitivity

With Zoom Plate, hours of  incubation and rinsing steps are shortened to minutes without compromising data quality. A typical Zoom Plate assay can be performed comfortably in 1-1.5 hours.

Each Zoom well only takes 1-2 µl of antigen and antibody solutions for a dot blot assay, saving a significant amount of reagents comparing to conventional dot blot or ELISA assay.

Zoom Plate delivers superior detection sensitivity with ultra low background compared to conventional methods. 


Zero Cross-talk

Hassle Free

Robot Friendly

Each Zoom well is completely isolated, with no cross-contamination between samples,  wastes, or light signal. 

No shaking, no spinning, no aspirating, no dumping. Zoom plate is a stand alone device ready to use. There is no complicate assembly or use with centrifuge or vacuum source. All you need to do is pipette, detect, and dispose.

Zoom Plate is compatible with liquid handling robots and high-throughput automation instruments.



Black or White

Black well Zoom Plate is ideal for fluorescent and chemiluminescent detection using high sensitivity instruments. Contoured shape of the well focuses the signal at the bottom of the well to the detector. Opaque black wall blocks >99.99% of light from neighboring wells.

black 96 well zoom plate for fast and easy chemiluminescent and fluorescent dot blot

White well Zoom Plate is ideal for colorimetric assays on membrane or on beads - no matter you are using blue/purple chromogenic HRP or AP substrate, red gold nano particles, or colored latex beads, highly distinctive color will show against the white background, quantitative analysis can be performed using white-light epi-absorbance measurement.

white 96 well zoom plate for fast and easy colorimetric dot blot



What's in Your Plate?

The best tools don’t require a lot of fuss — they just work. With Zoom Plate, we’ve radically simplified the most repetitive steps like rinsing and incubating so you can spend less time in waiting and react fast. Equally important,  much more can be done with the same amount of precious proteins.