MMC30W: Blot Plate, white, 3.0 um MCE membrane

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Zoom Blot Plate is a novel 96 well assay platform for fast and sensitive membrane-based assays such as dot blot and other sandwich assays. Zoom Blot Plate significantly simplifies the washing and incubation process in membrane-based assays, allowing fast and sensitive analysis without lengthy incubation or vacuum/centrifuge-assisted filtration. Users only need to pipette samples and reagents sequentially into the wells, and get results in about 1 hour. Compared to traditional dot blot, Blot Plate only needs 1/1000 amount of antibody for each sample, a significant saving for large scale screening tests. Compatible with automatic liquid handling, Blot Plate enables sensitive fluorescent, luminescent and colorimetric assays with excellent signal-to-noise ratio.

The mixed cellulose ester (MCE) membrane has high protein binding capacity and delivers superior flow rate. The white wells are ideal for color display in chromogenic and colorimetric assays, it can also enhance chemiluminescent signals. 

Each plate includes one frame and twelve 8-well strips for 96 assays.